The Problem with Self-help and a Solution to Fix It.

Knowledge is Power When it’s Applied.

Reading A self-help book (or any learning medium / book) is only useful when we act on it.

We can’t solve our problems if we don’t take the necessary action steps to create an impactful change.

I can read self-help books all day,

but if I don’t try what it’s telling me to do, I ‘m still where I was when I started reading it.

The main problem with self-help books is they focus too much on ‘feel good’ inspiration and not enough emphasis on practicality.

The best guides not only enlighten you to a new way of thinking, but also inspire you to actually take action.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read a book that could be labeled as ‘self-help’, and felt great while reading it, but it ultimately didn’t change my life in the way I wanted it to when I picked it up. (Have you experienced something similar? Let me know in the comments.)

You could argue it’s the author’s fault. You could argue it’s mine. 


I’m the one that wants to change my life, so I’m the one who has to make that happen. 

No one else will do that for me.


A self-help book highlights a problem, and gives us possible solutions. 

It’s up to us to test,  and apply it.


We can’t control how authors write books, but

we can control the effectiveness of them, by having the right mindset when learning.

Instead of reading and moving onto the next, and the next

without considering what it’s saying,  it’s relevancy, or how we can apply it,

We can start by considering,

‘ How can I test and apply what this is saying’, each time we sit down to learn.

What are steps I can take right now?



Josh Waggoner

Going Bulletproof

Now Testing The Bulletproof Diet

I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee for about 5 years now (it’s the bee’s knees), but I’ve yet to go full on bulletproof diet.

My diet typically aligns with a paleo-like guideline, (i.e. whole lotta veggies, grass-fed meats, wild seafood, pasture-raised eggs, no grains, no sugar) but with the occasional Tim-Ferriss-style cheat meal (aka gelato man life). This has worked well for my lifestyle, but recently I’ve felt like I’ve been run over by an oscar myer wienermobile. (🌭)

Turns out I’ve had exposure to mold in my apartment since the winter (😱)

My symptoms of Mold Poisoning (3+ months of)

  • Constant Fatigue, zero energy.
  • Weakness is a strong word, but I don’t feel as strong and vibrant as I should be.
  • Can’t catch my breath
  • Sinus congestion (I haven’t had allergies in decades)
  • Aches and slight sensitivity to light

Aka I’m a hot mess.

E.  eFfing. G.

We don’t realize how much health and our external environment affects us until we’re broadsided by it.

This is unacceptable to me. 

My dreams are too big for me to constantly have no drive and energy.

I’ve got empires to build.

Luckily, The Bulletproof Diet is tailored around mold prevention, energy and mental performance.

This isn’t an endorsement per se, (well except for the coffee!), this is a test.

I’m going to start with going bulletproof for one month, (recording my energy levels periodically throughout the day as I go) and then see what’s what afterward.

I’ll be adding updates on my progress as I go (what I’m doing, why and how), so be sure to check in to the Now Testing blog series.

(Or if you’re interested in joining me for this experimentation, let me know via email or the comments below)


xoxo Josh Waggoner.