Pumpkin Growing is Like The Olympics

Let’s say you are a world-renowned pumpkin farmer. (Punk farmer for short)

Obviously, your main mission each year is to win the state fair pumpkin growing contest at all costs.

These are high stakes people.

I mean seriously, are you really going to let Sally from one county over take home the prize  (pie-rise? Get it the prize is a pie?) winning pumpkin medal?

H-to-the-ell no.

You’re going to do whatever it takes to grow the best darn pumpkin the world has ever seen.

So what do you do? You give the pumpkin what it needs. You’re not going to give it beer and bread.

You’re going to make sure your prized pumpkins are watered and cared for.

Same goes for Olympians. 

Competing in the Olympics is pretty much exactly the same things as growing a pumpkin. (No steroids allowed)

You don’t become that chiseled and mentally and physically sharp on beer and sandwiches.

Optimize with food that is best for your body. YSee food as fuel and medicine. Health and training can become your golden ticket to success.

Perhaps you are not running for the Olympics or growing pumpkins, but you are likely pursuing something challenging in your life — creative pursuits, health issues, raising kids etc.

That means to be on your A game. You need to give your body and mind the fuel it needs so you can live optimally.

Don’t just treat your body like its a temple — treat it like a prize-winning pumpkin.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

IG: @Renaissance.Life


Recommends: My Top Health & Wellness Items For Optimal Performance (2016)

Walking (free!)

Walking can do wonders to help clear your head, and get you in the right mindset to really rock your day! And it’s free to boot!

Headspace ($6.24 — $12.95 depending)

Headspace is a guided mindfulness app. I’ve been using it for about two years now consistently, and I have nothing but praise for it!

Here’s a link to the app

And the headspace website if you want to do some research.

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a nutrition powder which you add to a glass of water (and it actually tastes good!)

I’ve been using Athletic Greens for over a year now, and it’s probably one of the most impactful health and wellness products I subscribe to. There’s a big difference in my energy levels depending on whether I take Athletic Greens or not.

The main blurb you that’s good to know is

‘Athletic Greens is the energy drink that is actually healthy! Made from whole food sourced ingredients in their natural form. You get up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in just one serving!’

Some of my favorite pseudo-mentors online use Athletic Greens too.  (Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn..)

Check it out here (There website looks a little spammy to me, but it’s legit.)

Bulletproof Coffee and addition ($18+)

I’ve been using bulletproof coffee for about three years now, and it’s probably my most impactful mental enhancing product I use. I feel much more clear-headed and focused when I drink bulletproof.

and additions

collagen protein — Makes my skin soft and clear, and keep my hair healthly.

Brain Octane (mct oil)  or XCT Oil

My favorite making a mocha — cocoa butter & cocoa powder

Reading & Writing (varies)

Reading and writing are a part of my daily morning routine. It helps wake up my mind and get my thoughts right. There’s nothing like writing (and doodling!) to clarify ideas and who you are.

Personally I prefer the tactile feel of paper and pen.

Supplements I Currently Use (varies)

Unfair Advantage (Mental Performance and focus)

Anti Aging

Vitamin D3

Onnit Shroom TECH Sport (Energy Boost)

Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil (Improved Testosterone, Energy, Skin)

Magnesium (at night)

Clitep Nootropic Stack (Mental Performance)

And Activated Charcoal Capsules, whenever I have an upset stomach / eat something questionable.

Kettlebells (varies)

Great full-body exercise equipment. Be careful with this one, definitely learn the ropes before jumping in — done wrong and you can easily injure yourself.

Eat Real Food — As Much As Possible (varies)

There is a HUGE difference in my overall well being when I eat real food, versus eating crap. I not saying that you can never have pizza and gelato again.

Here’s how I learned:

Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting by Darya Pino Rose  

The Wild Diet by Abel James

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan

Oddities (varies)

And here are a few odd products I use. They may look / seem strange, but after trying them out, I’ve noticed benefits from them all, and now they are a part of my daily routine.

HeartMath Emwave — ability to control moods, focus and reaction to stress

Powerlung — Increase Lung Capacity and Oxygen Intake

Sleep Induction Mat — Improve Quality of sleep

Mobility Balls — Yoga Tune Up balls for aches and pains

Soma Water Pitcher Plant Based Filter —  You can taste the clean.

Some of these links are affiliate links — meaning I get a small percentage of the sale if you decide to try something out. I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried and seen a benefit on. If you do decide to buy something through these links, thank you for your support!

#KeepPursing — Josh Waggoner

PS! What are your favorite Health and Wellness Products you use or have tried? Let me know in the comments or via email: josh@renaissancemanlife.com