Being Sick Is The Worst

Caught the flu last night. I️ think I️ got I­t­ from stress mostly. 
Last week at work was enormously stressful. 

This post is going to be a short and sweet one:

Treat your body right, and I­t­ will treat you right.

Our liveliness, energy, our ability to be creative, to think, and imagine new ideas all relates back to eating clean foods and moving your body.

Our health radiates outward into every aspect of our lives.

No one wants to be on a broken elevator.
No one wants to be in a burning building.

Yet, every day we eat whatever we want whenever we want, we work ourselves to death just to pay the rent, and we view exercises as an afterthought.

Focus on your health, and you will see more abundance in your life you won’t even know what to do with I­t­.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” — Hippocrates

Life Principle #16: Optimize Your Health

Each life principle from the Renaissance Life ebbs and flows. I­t­ comes with the territory of pursuing lifelong goals. Learning doesn’t stop after high school. If I­t­ does, you’re going to find yourself stuck with your hands tied. Being bold isn’t a one-time thing — it’s a lifestyle. You have to choose I­t­ every time you’re about to step into your discomfort zone. The same goes for health.

Health is vital to every aspect of our lives. From the energy you have, to the body you live in, to the mind you create with. Without health, we are living sub-optimally.

We know this deep down. That’s why it everyone and their grandma puts “lose 10 pounds” “exercise every day”  or “eat healthy” on their New Year Resolutions.

Sometimes I’ll hear someone say, “food doesn’t affect me, I don’t get fat so I can pretty much eat whatever I want.”

I internally laugh slash roll my eyes every time I hear it. I used to be that guy. Don’t be like how I used to be.

What you may not realize is that health is a lot like credit.  

Sure you can enjoy that fast food cheeseburger and milkshake today, but if you keep eating like that one day you’ll pay for it. The house always wins. You’ll start to feel a little pudgy around the waist, or worse — run into chronic diseases. 

The same is true when you go out drinking. You’ll have a blast tonight, but one too many and you’ll pay for it tomorrow. (or eventually)

The key to vital health is deciding to make the change to live healthy, while not being too religious about it.

It’s downright impossible to be healthy 100% of the time, for your entire life. (If that’s what you’re doing you might want to consider living a little).

Life Principle #16: Optimize Your Health

1. Start by Making a Plan

Are you trying to be healthy or just saying so? Do you have chronic health problems that slowly eat away your ability to focus and have the energy to work on your dreams?

Then it’s time to make a health plan.

It doesn’t have to be a great plan, in fact, make it a mediocre plan! A mediocre health plan is better than no plan.

You don’t have to know what you’re doing to be able to start.
When I️ made the decision to get healthy, I️ was clueless. 
You name it, I made every mistake in the book. But that’s okay. I wish I had someone who could train me, but if you stick with things long enough, you pick up on what works and doesn’t work for you.

2. Follow the Lead of Great Health Influencers

There is so much information out there its hard to know who to trust.  And within that last sentence is the answer, don’t trust, test. The best health plan is the one that works for you. How do you know that it’s working? Do you feel incredible? Do you have bucket tons of energy? Are you in the best shape of your life? Sounds like you could give me advice then!

Find someone that seems trustworthy, and test their information for yourself. Try on their shoes for a month or three. If you’re not seeing results, drop it and try something else. 

Here are a few starting points I recommend:

Foodist: Using Real Food And Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting — Darya Pino Rose

The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease and Optimize Weight — Valter Longo

The 4 Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman

3. Share this plan with a friend

Pursuing health is 1000 times easier when you have a friend or group of friends wanting the same thing. If none of your friends are healthy, either recruit them on the health train or find a couple of friends who are on the same track as you.

4. Focus on Food and Fitness.

Food and Movement go hand in hand. You can do one without the other, but if you want to have an optimal kick-a life create a plan for both.

A few fitness starting points:

Body by Science: A Research-Based Program for Strength Training, Bodybuilding, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week — Doug McGuff, John R. Little

Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally — Kelly Starrett

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 3rd edition — Mark Rippetoe

5. Make Health a Lifelong Habit

Don’t become a health prune. Its okay to accidentally eat a donut every so often. And if other people around you want to live off wingdings and greased tater tot casseroles let them. As much as I’d like to force my health choices onto others around me, that just doesn’t fly. It’s hard, if not impossible to tell people how to be healthy, especially those closest to you. The only thing you can do is show it — show how good eating healthy and exercising makes you feel. When you are a walking talking energetic ball of sunshine, they’ll start to wonder how you do it, and hopefully, they might get their courage up enough to say, I’ll have what he’s having.

Stay BOLD, Keep Pursing,

— Josh Waggoner

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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“The first wealth is health.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” — Joyce Meyer

Count Your Wins

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I wish something would go right for a change..”

Or find yourself in lose-lose situations? ‘Why do this keep happening to me?’

I found myself in a defeated mindset this past week after multiple situations were stacking against me. Issues with finances and some no’s I was expecting to be yes’s.

I was tired too, work-lagged from a lot of exciting events happening at Pass It DownPaul Cummings Enterprises and 60Watts.

A defeated mindset is not what a Renaissance Life is about.

I keep coming back to the idea that winners keep getting back up. They don’t shy away from failure; They see failure as part of the process of success.

This is the ideal state we want to be in. All it takes is the right mindset.

A winner is a winner all the time because they have a ‘keep pursuing’ mindset. They’re going to lose, and probably lose a lot (because they take more risks), but they always get back up. That’s who they are.

A loser loses all the time because they have a ‘give up’ mindset. ‘Oh this sucks, I guess I’ll stop while I still ahead’. When a loser loses, they expected it (and ultimately created that reality). And when a loser wins they think ‘it’s too good to be true’ and self-sabotage.

The question is, how do we Win no matter what we are going through?


Count Your Wins.

One small thing yet life changing thing we can do is count our wins.

It’s easy to lose out on the good things around you, when the bad ones keep slapping you in the face. At the end of a day are you counting your loses or your wins? Our minds tend to bend towards the bad things that happen to us. If one-hundred great wins happen, one lose can completely wash it all away.

By actively counting what goes right each day, you can prevent any negatives from taking over.

Stack your wins.
Where they are small wins, silly wins, big wins or stretch wins, they all count towards a meaningful day.

Did you make your bed? Win!
Did you complement some one today? Win!
Did you NOT have a piece of cake? Win!
Did you do something towards your dreams? Mega Win!

Any time you have a setback or loss, learn from it, and move on. Never count your losses. Only wins baby.

Think of this as a number-lovers version of Tim Ferriss’s Jar of Awesome, or Tony Robbins 3 gratitudes. (In fact I like to do all three. Win Win Win!)

In the morning, write out three things you are grateful for.

When something good happens, write it down on a piece of paper and place it in your jar of awesome.

And count how many wins you have each day (Remember, even one small win means your day was a success)

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your win count stack up.

All of this might sound absurd to you, but this is how you develop a winners mindset. 

When we stop dwelling on the things that go wrong, might go wrong, misfortunes and things out of our control, the more we can focus on succeeding and living a life true to ourselves.

Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Inspiration +

Ryan Holiday circa 2007: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:

The only real thing separating the winners from the losers is if they get back up. Am I going to appreciate these events for their extreme improbability or am I going to delude myself into thinking I am cursed forever?’

‘Risk can lead to total failure but cautiousness just the absence of success.’

‘So I didn’t quit.’

‘there is a difference between accepting responsibility and burdening yourself with blame.’

Related Wisdom:

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” — Vince Lombardi

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” — Confucius