“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

Bruce Lee

Fear is an excellent motivator. Our natural response to fear or discomfort is to run the other way. We seek comforting things. Nostalgia. Hot comfort food. Smells. Familiar places. Routines. A consistent routine is a godsend to hectic times. But comfort isn’t always our friend.

Comfort is often the gateway emotion to complacency.

Complacency is a short path to ruin. The world never stops moving, but you do.

Essentially, complacency is feeling naively satisfied with your life and with yourself, despite all the red flags and warning fires dancing in your periphery. Funny enough, I believe complacency can come from both success and failure.

Success Complacency comes from achieving a goal and-or reaching the top of a mountain and telling yourself that you’ve “made it”. You reach the top (or at least what you think is the top) and you stop. You root.

You build a successful business but stop innovating. You make a hit song and you fold in the towel. You find the love of your dreams, get married, and stop trying.

We retire from creating. We stop improving. We coast. We smug (to use that word incorrectly as a verb). And while we’re goofing off— our skills and ideas rusting away—everyone around us is still in the game—improving, achieving and, more importantly, trying.

And suddenly we find ourselves at the bottom. The mountain moved beneath us while we were sleeping.

Failure Complacency is the opposite of Success Complacency. Not only have you not succeeded, you’re perpetually dissatisfied with how things are. You’ve tried, usually, you’ve tried extremely hard, but nothing has worked out.

Failure complacency is accepting a mediocre life or giving up after failing and resigning yourself to being a miserable sad sack. You fall into patterns of comfort and safety—or at least the little “comfort” and “safety” you have. For example, you hate your job but don’t do anything about it. It sucks, but the pay is decent, so why quit? Or you attach yourself to a certain lifestyle and despite hating yourself, you don’t want to give it up.

Psychologists might have better names for success and failure complacency. (These are just ideas I’ve observed in my own life and through the lives of others.) I want to do more research on this idea.

I do know that both success and failure complacency are difficult to overcome in their own ways. I would guess that the majority of us deal more with failure complacency than success complacency, but I could be biased.

The only way forward is to seek change and momentum.

We must challenge ourselves and learn to become comfortable with discomfort. Not for discomfort’s sake, but so that we are always moving. Even when we are resting and doing nothing, our minds and bodies are in continuous flow. Clouds dance. Nature bends to the wind. The world beneath our feet is rotating and walking through space. Life is motion.

Seeking challenge is our way forward.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1016

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Magic Beans

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on
being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”

Anna Quindlen

I think New Years Resolutions usually fail because we put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed. By the end of January, we want to have lost 25lbs, read a hundred books, run a marathon and thirty other goals on top of that.

We want the magic beans, the thing that will immediately give us what we want as easy as possible. But that’s no how change works.

Change happens slowly. A decision to change can happen instantly, but the hard work and commitment to make it reality takes some time.

While you’re thinking about 2020 and what you want to accomplish and experience, remind yourself that it’s okay if a goal might take a while. It might be easy, but it might not be. Either way, if it’s something you want to do or accomplish, do let difficulty stop you from doing it. Difficult moments are fleeting. They are like a campfire in a rainstorm.

By all means, make a giant list of things you want (I know I am going to). Then, pick on and focus in 100% on it. You’re not saying no to the others you’re are just saying no to them right now while you focus on the goal at hand.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #791

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Daily Focus on Your Vision

If you’re like me, you have all these big aspirational goals and visions in your head of what you want your life to be.

These goals are clear-cut and motivating on paper. Buuuuut then life happens. Responsibilities, commitments, debt.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the freedom and flexibility yet to build a writing cabin in the woods so I can write my novel.

I have to find ways to do it in between two full-time jobs, time spent with loved ones, and a side business.

Things come up. Some of them truly important, others that feel important at the time. Everything and everyone around is vying for your attention and energy. So there your vision of the future sits, in dream status. 

How many dreams of a better tomorrow exist only in people’s heads?

But if you are reading this, I know you have a desire to be more. You want to make change in, not only yourself, but the world.

You here the phrase, ‘life is a marathon, not a sprint’ but that leaves an important piece out:
Life is a marathon where at the finish line, you die. Morbid, I know, but vital. (Pun intended)

We can’t just jog our way through life. 

Sure, we are making progress and doing important things, but are we giving it our all on what’s important to us?

Vision is longterm thinking, but lived on a daily basis.

Vision is not fixed. Your future desires can change and improve as you grow and expand into a better person.

Here’s how:

Write and Read your goals everyday

Keeping your vision in your mind will paint how you see the world. Everything you do will be viewed through the lense of how to make your goals happen. Opportunities and ideas will be abundant.

Hone your vision by honing yourself

Read. A lot. Learn from people if different circumstances and walks of life from you. Study the greats. Craft your vision of your future around what has worked for others before.

Make small, yet bold moves towards that future every day.

We make think on our past experience and have our thoughts towards a better tomorrow, but the vision of what can be happens in the actions of our today. What we do in the present not only defines how we feel about our past going forward, but creates the future we all desire. I’ve said it a million times, and will say it a million more until everyone in the universe hears it — Small action leads to big change. Take bold moves towards your future every opportunity you can today.

Whatever obstacles and pain you’ve faced in the past, your future is determined but what you do in this very moment. You have the opportunity to write your own story.

Remember, dreams don’t just happen, they are made. And ‘future’ ‘vision’ are words that elicit powerful emotions and motivations, but your future lies in your today. Getting things right today and the next today, compounds into a life where your vision is a reality.

Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Inspiration +

Ryan Holiday, 2007 The Business of Running:

“You run to define yourself, and when you allow a short term challenge to alter your pace and long term strategy, you’ve just been defined by someone else.”

Birthday Resolutions (Gold Star Goals)

Happy New Year

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.
(If life was Game of Thrones, it would have been my 27th Name Day)

For the past few years, I like to make my yearly goals on my birthday instead of the new year.

27 goals for my 27th year. (You’re crazy josh — you bet your 🌜ss I am)

Reflecting on What Was

2015 and 2016 were the best-worst years of my life. I feel like I hit rock bottom in more ways than one. (Finances, Health, Relationships, Energy.. I will be writing in-depth stories about these.) And as stupid as it sounds, I wouldn’t change a thing. (I know I said this in a previous post, as I’m reflecting on my past year, I think it’s good to reiterate important turning points in your life.)

My setbacks have realigned me to my mission of a Renaissance Life. (aka eat more chocolate) They’ve also given me the gift of humility, and the forethought of knowing what’s really important to me or not. (chocolate ✔️; everything else.. ?)

In 2015, the world was telling me no, and that came to it’s crescendo in early 2016.

Conscious or not, right then and there I decided to say yes to every opportunity that came my way. And I am not disappointed by that choice.

When the world says No, It’s Time to say Yes +


Deciding on What Is

In 2017 will be the year of experience. I am going to try new things (different kinds of chocolate?), get into my discomfort zone, make BOLD Moves and experiment my way towards my goals.

Tangent: I am going to leave room for my goals to flex and change. (This hits one of the larger issues with New Year’s Resolutions by the way. We have this fixed ideas of who we want to be, but real life is not fixed. One goal today, could be irrelevant tomorrow. The key is knowing the underlying theme’s of what matters to you.) I want to challenge myself and see what I’m capable of, see what I can become.

I’m also not kidding myself in thinking I can do all of this at once (it’s not going to happen). Try and do everything and you eventually overwhelm yourself into doing nothing. 

This year, I’m going back to elementary school (baby)! Each goal has a gold star value. Each goal will have a certain weight of stars behind it. The name of the game is to get as many stars as possible this year. I’m creating a large vision board with all my goals that I can stick stars on as I earn them. I’m making this up on the fly, so I’ll be updating the goal star system as I go. (work in progress)

27 at 27

Here are my 27 goals in no particular order:

1. I will push my physical fears to the limit

  • I will go hang-gliding (1 Star)
  • I will skydive (3 Stars)
  • I will run with my shirt off around town (5+ Stars)

2. I will interview 1000 creative people this year for my podcasts and for

  • ( 1 Star per interview) (5+ each 25 interviews)

3. I will travel outside of the country. (3 Stars)

  • 1 Star for every micro-adventure.

4. I will cultivate and cherish 25 excellent friendships.

  • 5 Star for first date, 1 Star for following dates (Stars are doubled with weekly follow throughs / consistency).

5. I will Increase my income to 10,000 month (10 Stars)

6. I will take an Improv class (7 Stars)

7. I will Watch 1 TED Talk every day this year. (1 star per 5 days in a row)

8. Read Review and speak my goals aloud every day (1 Star each day)

  •  Gratitude Practice every day
  •  Affirmation Practice every day
  •  Visualization Practice every day 

9. I Will Perform Music on stage

  • 5 Stars for the first
  • 1 Star per performance
  • 3 Star every 5 Performance

10. I Will Release a Music EP (10 Stars)

11.  I Will Write the first draft of my fiction book: Reflections (The Mirror Saga Book) (10 Stars)
12.  I Will Write and ship an ebook: Be Your Own Renaissance (10 Stars)


13.  I Will Make My Businesses Thrive:

  • I will make boldsheep into a successful crafting company
  • I will help grow Pass It Down to incredible heights
  • I will help grow into an even greater influential brand

14. I Will Binge Read 8 Blogs (Ryan Holiday, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Brain Pickings, James Altucher, Ramit Sethi, Pat Flynn, and Bill Gates)

  • 10 Stars for Completely Reading them
  • 1 Star per idea / blog / action inspired by readings
  • Another star for doing the action yourself 

15. I Will Master the Strategies of Finances

  • Write and keep a track of finances every day (1 Star / 5 consecutive days)
  • Invest (3 Stars x)
  • Save (3 Stars x)
  • Spend time learning finances (1 Star per hour)
  • Spend time learning about bitcoin (1 Star per hour)

16. I Will Dance with Gabriella (1 Star each time)

17. I Will Go to Relationship Counseling with Gabriella (1 each time)

  • Find Relationship Mentors (10 Stars )

18. I will Get FIT

  • +5 lbs of Muscle (5 Stars)
  • Flexible AF (5 Stars)

19. I will Read, Review and take Action on 100 books. (1 Star per review)

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Action over Speaking
  • Practice what you Read  

What does taking action on a book look like? (1 Star per Action Taken)


  • Reflection Questions
  •  Action Steps
  • Book Influences
  • People to Reach out to for Interviews / Conversations.

20. I will build a Podcasting Empire (1 Star every podcast session shipped)

  • (2 Stars per every consecutive week)

21. I will Blog every day (1 Star every consecutive day)

22. I will Design every day (1 Star every consecutive day)

23. I will Sketch every day (1 Star every consecutive day)

24. I will have fun and say yes to new experiences (1 Star per experience)


  • Learn Tai Chi

25. Secret 1
26. Secret 2
27. Secret 3


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Q: What goals are you pursuing right now? 


What’s my Next Step?

Growth happens

with one action at a time.

All we must do is focus in on our next move.

Plant the seeds of your future today.


Q —

What’s the next step I can do today,

that will help me reach my goal?


#KeepPursuing — Josh Waggoner

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related wisdom

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” — Dale Carnegie

“Action expresses priorities.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” — Thomas Jefferson