CHALLENGE: Binge Reading Blogs

How did Tony Robbins become the Tony Robbins?
How did Tim Ferriss become the Tim Ferriss?
How did Seth Godin become the Seth Godin?

Lewis became a master of connecting.
Maria became a master by connecting ideas from across time.
Paul became a master of speaking, teaching and emotional intelligence.
Ramit became a master of money and psychology.
Pat became a master of podcasting and business by helping others.

We all have our influences in real life and on paper. Titans of our industries. 
But no one starts at the top. (And if they did they wouldn’t have the values to stay there.)

The question is what strategies and insights can we learn from them and apply to become our own thought leaders. How do we get from 0 to 1?  (H👺ll, how do I get from 0.01 to 1?)

I see writing as a direct window into the soul. Our thought process, fears, strengths, ideas — who we are, etched a period of time. (Even lies give us valuable insights into their psyche.)

That’s why I’ve decided to start binge reading blogs of thought readers I follow and enjoy. To know where they started, and understand how they become who they are today. I don’t want to be Tim Ferriss, or Pat Flynn or whoever, but I want to similar things they have created for lives. I want to be able to learn, create, and connect without being encumbered by if I’ll be able to pay rent next month.

Of course a blog is just a piece of their life, but even a small slice of what it takes to be successful is enough to create radical change in our lives.

And I figure, If I’m going to binge something, might as well make it something that improve my life and makes me a better person. (… …. okay fine fine, I’m still going to binge Stranger Things too. 🙂

Here are 5 ground rules I’m following:

1. I am binge reading at most two blogs at a time. (Two because I want to find connections and correlations between the two influencers) 
2. I will read every relevant post, but if they seem useless to my life I’ll skim them.
3. Any time a blog sparks an idea, be that a writing prompt for Renaissance Life or an idea I can use for my work (at 60Watts, boldsheep, Pass It Down or Paul) I will immediately start working on the idea until completed.
4. If any blog post mentions something I should do (action steps) I will immediately do it before moving on. Whether that’s a challenge, business advice, or anything that resembles increased happiness and wellbeing.
5. Some Influencer don’t JUST have a blog but a podcast, books or other areas of interest. I will binge those as well.

I’m looking for patterns, insights into life and how they become who they are today.

If I am every going to be worthy of the title of a Renaissance Man, I’ve got to learn from the best.

I’m starting with Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss.

Here’s a list of people I know I’ll want to read of the top of my head:

Ryan Holiday
James Altucher
Pat Flynn
Ramit Sethi
Brain Pickings
Seth Godin
Hugh Macleod
Tim Ferriss
Chase Jarvis
Lewis Howes
Penelope Trunk
Copyblogger (Brian Clark)

Feel free to make any suggestions to any influencers you enjoy in the comments below or via email. (I’ll periodically update this list)

I’ll keep you updated on my binge reading journey as I go.

Join me on this CHALLENGE —  if your crazy like me.

Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

My Personal Vision Statement

What do you want your life and actions represent?

What do you want to be remembered for?

Who do you want to be?

It’s a life-long work in progress, but here is my personal mission statement. I read and say this aloud every day.


I live a meaningful and extraordinary life. I make Bold Moves. I challenge all assumptions. Failure, fear, and setbacks are challenging opportunities waiting to be turned into life lessons. Above all, I value time, freedom, learning, creativity, love and friendship. I stand for my beliefs.

I do what I say I will do. I lead by my actions. I have a can-do attitude. I persist. I know when to say yes, and when to say no. I listen to what others have to say and respect their views. I care deeply for others.

I am ALIVE and full of energy. I live with charisma and gusto! I am healthy, fit and active. I make goals and achieve them. I value rest and play and stillness. 

I pursue mastery and excellence in all that matters to me, every day, no exceptions. I am constantly pursuing multiple disciplines and striving towards a Renaissance Life. I am at the forefront of disruption and innovation.

I enable others to be their best selves. I am a catalyst for change. 
I will make the world a better place.


Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner

Inspiration +

It All Matters by Paul Cummings

Total Focus by Brandon Webb

CHALLENGE: Never Grow Up

What's life without a little challenge? — Boring that's what!

CHALLENGE: Find an outlet For play

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t play anymore.

Play gives you the chance to just breathe.

To do something simple for the sake of enjoyment.

Wonder is such an important aspect of our lives, yet something we often let slide.

Find an outlet for play, add it to your daily or weekly schedule.

‘But I don’t have time to play’

another way to say that is ‘but I don’t have time to have fun’

Sounds funny when you say it like that, doesn’t it?


Will you take on the CHALLENGE?

Challenge Accepted

— Josh Waggoner

Challenges are better with friends! Share this with an amigo.

CHALLENGE: Give Daily Compliments

What's life without a little challenge? — Boring that's what!

CHALLENGE: Give a compliment every day.

Build the habit of handing out compliments on a daily basis.

One small compliment goes a long way.

Every time someone gives me a compliment,
I feel much more encouraged afterward.

Compliments  (whether I’m receiving them or giving them), no matter how small, lift my spirits and can have a lasting effect my entire day.

Giving away compliments is like giving a small piece of happiness and good to someone +

…Or we could just walk on by, say nothing, or comment only in our head.

Putting a little light into the world is a choice we have to make every day +

Will you take on the CHALLENGE?

Challenge Accepted

— Josh Waggoner

Challenges are better with friends! Share this with an amigo.

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“It’s always the compliments from people you love that mean so much.” — Maria Bamford


“I guess other people’s compliments motivate you.” — Benjamin Stockham

Challenge: Start Journaling

What’s life without a little challenge? ——— Boring that’s what!

Challenge: Start Journaling

There are times of joy, and moments of pain that I wish I could look back on and see where I was in that moment. What were the thoughts and feelings I had during? How did I anaylsis back then?

Why Journal?

Journaling is the window into the past — be that ourselves or someone else’s mind — therapy for the present, and clarity for the future +

Everyone I read says you should journal — but beyond writing for this blog I haven’t.

I didn’t make the time. Now I am. Simple as that.

If you want to improve your perspective on life and clarify issues, start writing in a journal. 

Many of our greatest minds of the past and present journal


  • Ronald Reagan
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Charles Darwin
  • You
  • Marcus Aurelius 
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Thomas Jefferson 
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Winston Churchill 
  • Anne Frank

This is but a few, out of many how keep a journal.

Benefits of Journaling

  • Clarity of thought and purpose
  • History of your state — mind, emotions — at a point in time
  • Mindfulness, Presence
  • Achieving goals
  • Reduced Anxiety


Our Challenge this week is to start journaling every day.

Start with writing just one sentence. That’s it.

If you feel up for more keep going.


Challenge Accepted

Josh Waggoner

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10 Journaling Tips to help you heal, grow and thrive

Famous Writers on keeping a diary

Why do we read diaries?



How Minutes of Power Posing Can Improve Your Life

What’s life like without a little challenge? Boring! That’s what!


“Stand up straight, and realize who you are, that you tower over your circumstances.” — Maya Angelou


Challenge: Power Up With Power Poses!

Our Challenge This Week (and henceforth!) Is to add the habit of power posing to our lives.


You may not know this, but

Our Actions Transform our thinking —

What we do affects how we think and feel.

In fact, even how we express our bodies changes how we think and feel.

‘Our bodies speak to us. they tell us how and what to feel. They change what goes on inside our endocrine systems, our autonomic nervous system, our brains, and our minds without our being conscious of a thing. How you carry yourself — your facial expressions, your postures, your breathing — all clearly affect the way you think, feel and behave.’

In the insightful book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges,

Amy Cuddy describes how the body and the brain are part of a singular, integrated system.

She asks questions such as

‘Can be pose our way to presence?’

‘What would happen if we adopt expansive postures even when we are feeling powerless? What happens when we pretend to be brave?’

Research suggests our expressions cause our emotions.

‘Our bodies.. can help carry us to who we want to be. And as we’re about to discover, the evidence seems to agree: Where our bodies lead, our minds and emotions will follow.’

Just a few minutes of power posing can help us be powerful, present, calm, less stressed, and confident.

— Allowing us to be ready to take on trials and opportunities that come our way.

‘Carrying yourself in a powerful way directs your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and body to feel powerful and be present’

So our challenge is to start incorporating power poses into our lives.

If you’re feeling anxious, nervous, worried, or just not powerful — Do a few minutes of power posing.

If you’re about to do a big speech, performing, having an interview, talking to someone new, or anything that scares the E eFfing G out of you, do some power posing before the event.

A few Power Poses to try out:

  • Cobra Pose

 Yep that's right. Yoga in jeans!
Yep that’s right. Yoga in jeans!


  • Wonder Woman | Superman Pose

 Wet hair don't care!
Wet hair don’t care!


  • Victory! Pose

 Silliness abounds!
Silliness abounds!


Challenge Accepted

Josh Waggoner

Challenges are better with friends. Please share this post.


Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk: