What I’m doing now

Location 🏡

I’m in Chattanooga TN USA.

Work 👨‍💻 🎨

I’m working part-time* as the lead developer and strategist at Southside Creative. I have the pleasure of working with an incredibly talented (and silly) group of creatives.

* aka an extra day off each week.

Projects 💡


I’m practicing my writing, thinking and observation skills by writing a blog post every day. (Inspired by Seth Godin.) I’m currently at 900+ consecutive posts. 101,344 words in 2019. 29,423 words (so far) in 2020.


I’m interviewing artists, entrepreneurs, writers and multidisciplinary folks on the Renaissance Life podcast. I love having conversations with other creatives and learning new things.


Each week, my bandmates and I get together and practice our songs. I’m super excited about this project. We’ve got dozens of songs, but they all still need a little more time in the oven. I’m currently working on honing my vocals, guitar and synth/drum machine skills.


I would love to publish best-selling (for me that means meaningful and impactful) books one day. I’m currently researching and writing each day on a non-fiction and fiction book.

Newsletter Publications:

I just started a few monthly email publications:

Bookaholics: A curated list of books (nonfiction + fiction) that I’m reading for book lovers looking for their next read. (free)

Considerations: A thoughtfully curated monthly newsletter highlighting observations, insights, recommends and curiosities around topics I love. (free)

Practices: A sister publication to Considerations. Where Considerations is about creative inputs, Practices is about creative output and how we can be more creative. (premium)


  • iOS Programming.
  • Motion Design.
  • Ashtanga Yoga.
  • How to build wealth (without spending all your time working).
  • How to cultivate deeper friendships and community.

Last updated: March 18th, 2020