A Little Extra

What are you willing to give up in order to gain what you dream?

Some people give up their sleep so they can go to night school, or work on their business in the evenings.

Some push aside their fears and possibly embarrass themselves so that they can keep stepping up on stage, or so they can pursue their dreams in illustration.

In order to have an extraordinary life, we need to put in extra work.

Extra work meanings working smart and efficiently, not working ourselves into the ground. No energy equals no extra. That won’t do.

Giving extra effort doesn’t mean giving up our essential needs.

We have to be smart about what thoughts we allow rent in our minds.

Thoughts that others tell us.

Thoughts we tell ourselves.

For Example, what does looping a negative thought do to us? Thoughts like “I’m bad at writing / I’m bad at money” or looping a past mistake “I wish someone had helped me make a better decision about school…”.

Quantitatively, I’m not sure. But, intuitively I know I feel more tired and drained on days when I’m stuck in my head, looping an unhelpful thought, or overwhelming myself with a mental checklist.

We have to be smart about what we eat and handle our bodies.

Leaning over a laptop all day with poor posture without a break is only contributing to our back-aching-life, not our extraordinary one.

Ask yourself: How is this helping me?

How is this ice cream helping me? Sure it super tasty, but is it helping me accomplish my goals? Is it giving me energy? Or is it stressing my body out of nutrition and adding a new pant size to my wardrobe?

To be extra, we have to act, think, value, and live in the ways that get us where we want to be.

Giving extra effort means getting rid of the nonessentials, so we focus on the essentials.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1087

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Willpower is a Muscle.

There’s this dumb ritual I do that actually has a lot of benefits in my life.

Whenever I’m lying in bed about to go to sleep, now and then, I’ll forget to do something. I’ll forget to turn off the hall light, or look at the front door, or brush my teeth. You’ve probably experienced this too.

Ugh, you just started getting settled in under the covers.

Depending on what it is, you might dismiss it and go to bed. ‘Ah so what the closet lights on, one night won’t hurt.’ Or you might reluctantly throw off the warm covers and grumble your way toward the front door to lock the door, and grumble your sleepyhead back to bed.

But that’s not what I do. Instead, I train.

Whenever I’m in this situation, I smile, because I see it as a chance to practice my willpower.

First off, dismissing what I’ve forgotten to do isn’t an option. But before I get up, I lay there with that reluctant feeling. It’s heavy and uncomfortable. My mind is trying to make up every excuse in the book for me to not get up. My body is telling me just to give up and go to sleep. I let it wash over me like I’m going to give in, but then I push.

I will myself up, past the heaviness, past the excuses. And… well, you know, go turn off the light, or brush my teeth and then head back to bed.

Like I said, it’s dumb. I have no research or science to back up that this is actually doing anything. But it feels tough.

But I see the results in my life—I have strong discipline.

I exercise every day. I write every day.

The difficultly of turning things into a habit doesn’t seem to bother me or trip me up like it does for others.

I’m probably delusional, but maybe not?

I see willpower like a muscle rather than a battery.

Willpower is a Muscle.

A lot of people view willpower like how runners used to view sub-four-minute mile They view it like something that can be depleted if you use too much of it. But I find that thinking limiting.

It’s true that willpower ebbs and flows depending on your mood and energy levels, but if you practice and train yourself hard, you can be disciplined for any situation.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1080 ☕️

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