Hi Friend, Welcome to My Corner of the Internet.

My name is Josh.

I write a daily blog post about creativity, learning, habits and other observations from life.

I previously was the lead developer and strategist at Southside Creative. I’m currently looking for a job.

I host a podcast called Renaissance Life where I have conversations with multidisciplinary entrepreneurs and creatives.

I also have a few monthly email publications: Bookaholics, Considerations, and Practices.

A Little Bit More About Me

I grew up in a small southern town (Ringgold, GA) in close proximity to Chattanooga TN. I’m 29 years old, left-handed and don’t have a southern accent.

I was a cul-de-sac kid. If I wasn’t outside playing in the backwoods of our house or running around the neighborhood with friends, I was inside, drawing or building spaceships and Rube Goldberg machines out of legos.

My mission in life is to be a Renaissance Man. I am constantly learning new things and challenging myself. My interests include: music, writing, design, art, health & wellness, entrepreneurship, film, marketing, animation, coding, etc. 🧢🎩👒

I’ve been a software engineer, freelancer, entrepreneur, creative director, designer and web developer.

I’m am Techstars Business Accelerator alumni.

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The best way to reach me is via email: josh@renaissancelife.com

If you want to schedule an interview, please send me an email.