When You Have A Lot of Ideas

One of the joys of being a designer is taking an idea and making it a reality. Turning a simple sketch or (random) product name into an actual tangible thing. Or at least taking it a step closer.

The thing I have to be careful about is not getting too attached to whatever random ideas pop into my head each day.

Ideas are currency. But only with focus and effort. With the time and resources I have, I can only say yes to so many ideas. There’s a mental energy cost as well as a financial one.

Saying yes to too many ideas short-shrifts all the other ones.

So if I design a cool brand or product, but don’t have the time to give to make it real, who’s really getting value from that?

Guarding our time is essential for finding success in our projects.

Not to say that we should be walking on eggshells when it comes to our ideas. If you have a strong idea, test it out! Validate its worth. Build a paper prototype. Share it and see what people think.

If you can get one idea to pop, then you can leverage that success to fuel other ideas.

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