Follow Your Fears

Whenever I’m feeling nervous about something, I know it’s a good sign that I need to be doing it. Fear is an excellent weather bell for what we should be doing. Not necessarily physical fears (like wrestling with a bear), but rather social fears or internal fears—things that make you nervous.

Singing, for example. It’s something I’ve been learning for the past couple of years. It feels natural to sing and play guitar by myself, or with friends. But I know I’m still in the beginning stages, so I always feel a little discomfort in the pit of my stomach and my heart starts fluttering when I sing for others. The idea of performing makes my heart flutter, which is a good sign I should be doing it.

If something is easy, it means we aren’t challenging ourselves enough.

The difficulty isn’t what we want. Rather, challenge is what takes us to that next level.

Hard, not for hard sake. Hard because we want to feel uncomfortable. Well, we don’t want to be uncomfortable, but that’s where improvement and growth build from.

Discomfort is how we grow. When we step out of our cozy slippers and step into a new and unfamiliar place, we push ourselves to grow.

There are many ways we can challenge ourselves. We can challenge ourselves by doing more. By doing less. By doing something different. By doing something that scares us. By doing something unfamiliar. By mimicking others.

But not talking. Or worrying. Or worrying about worrying.

We must push ourselves to fail. Again, not intentionally, but because dancing on the edge between failure and success is where the magic is.

Failure is just another word for latent success. It all depends on what we do with that failure—give up or keep at it.

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