Habit Margins

When it comes to sticking to daily habits, I find it helpful to not set a strict deadline on what time in the day I should do them.

Ideally, I’d write in the morning when I’m feeling fresh and caffeinated, but the ideal isn’t always in the cards.

You would think that having a precise time in the day for a habit would be good (sometimes it is) but often it can derail and undermine our efforts.

Missing a deadline we give ourselves and easily feel like failure in our minds.

When 9 AM rolls around, and yet you still haven’t gone on your 8 AM run (because of X Y Z reasons) then you’ll stress out about it all day until you go for a run (or give up and get ice cream instead).

I find it helpful to have a loose schedule of when I want to do something, but only have the hard-set rule of practicing each day. If I can’t get to writing until 11:58 PM, then so be it.

I have a morning routine and evening routine, but if something comes up and I don’t chastise myself for not doing it when I expected too.

After all, good habits and supposed to be beneficial, not cause anxiety.

Once you build up enough days under your belt, you begin to trust yourself enough that you will check off your habits.

Because once you’re committed to something, you know you’ll get it done when you need to.

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