When in Doubt

All-nighters and weekend warrior sprints might get the work done, but the question is, is the work any good? Could the work have been better if we were well-rested?

It’s difficult to be creative when you are exhausted and overworked.

My work is always at its most mediocre when I’m sleep deprived.

The same goes for decision-making. It’s far easier to make careless choices when your mind and body are on the back-burner.

I wonder if sleep exists merely because otherwise we would either overwork or indulge ourselves into an early grave.

Instead, sleep gives us a required break, a hard reboot that has clear (and some unclear) ramifications if we ignore it.

Sleep is a great way to reset our mindset and emotions too. Sleep washes away feels of frustration and anger. We talk of time healing all wounds but I think perhaps sleep is the one doing the healing work, or at least gets the party started.

When in doubt, go to sleep.

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