Learning to Love Uncertainty

Facing the unknown is uncomfortable. It can be terrifying and can make us feel frozen in fear.

No one said it would be easy to start your own business, finish your book, or lose weight.

The likelihood of failure is always there. Even if we do everything we can to succeed.

That feeling of not knowing what to do—or how to do it—or what decisions will lead to success is part of the creative process.

Going to school, smart decisions, honing our skills, and asking for wise counsel can set our course (and give us a better chance to succeed), but we’re still the ones who have to figure out how to climb the mountain(s) we are facing.

Even if we have someone guiding us all the way through, the path will be different, because the timing is different, we’re different and our purpose is different.

This is not a lonely course, because everyone who is pursuing creative work outside the norm has to experience this.

Most people won’t choose this.

They would rather have someone else choose their path for them. Is this a bad thing? Who am I to say?

For me, it comes down to doing things that fulfill me and helps others.

Does this thing I want to do light me up with joy and add a spark to my eye?

Is this person I want to be someone whom I would admire?

Am I helping others with my gifts?

Here’s the thing about fear and uncertainty— it doesn’t go away. No matter how successful we become, or how many hours, years even, we put in. But. But—our relationship with fear and uncertainty can be healthy.

Fear and uncertainty are there for a reason. To keep us safe. But sometimes—especially when it comes to social fears—being safe is stopping us from growing.

If we see uncertainty and fear as a friend and acknowledge them, we can learn to push through when we need to. Because mostly our uncertainty and fears are just ghosts. Ghosts dancing in our mind’s eye.

If we embrace our fears, we can learn to love uncertainty. What’s gonna happen? I don’t know, but it’s gonna be exciting and interesting.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1855

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