Opportunities to Practice

Everything is a practice, from the right angle.

Every selfish act done to you, intentional or not, is a chance to practice inner calm. And every self-centered act you catch yourself doing is a chance to pause and react differently.

In physics, ’Every action there’s an opposite reaction.

In life, every reaction is an opportunity to react with heart and character.

From the right angle, even bad traits—the ones that keep us up at night, or boil our blood to the point of medication—can be good lessons for growth.

Bad is only surface deep. Underneath, every bad trait is a chance to practice an opposite, good trait. Anger to peace. Worry and Anxiety to calm. Despair to hope.

Ignore this at your peril (I’m talking to you too, me), because anger, resentment, anxiety… these emotional reactions hurt you more than they hurt the recipient.

And just like mindfulness practices, the practice isn’t about changing the reaction.

The practice is about noticing that you are doing it. It’s noticing that your blood is boiling with rage and knowing why.

The practice of noticing automatically leads to a chance of reaction.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1830

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