Our Own Worst Enemies

We all have our unique strengths and weakness.

More often than not, the person that keeps me from greater success is myself. I am my biggest ally, but I can also be own worst enemy.

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves intentionally. We do this out of fear. Believe it or not, fear of success is a real thing. But there’s also feel of making mistakes. Fear of failure. Fear of not being perfect.

You probably fear success too. I think it boils down to change. We subconsciously see the negative parts of change (The fact that things will be different and never the same as they once were) and then see what change can do positively for us.

But the worst kind of self-sabotage is through neglect. We just let things slip by and rust. We do this by prioritizing everything but what matters to us.

The key to success is doing the opposite.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1819

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