How to Always Win

The only big difference between winning and losing is perspective.

Losers lose because they give up. Losing is taking things at face value. (Or worse a negative value.) “No” is a “Never”. Failure is fatal. The end of a road is a dead end.

They see losing as something final and unchangeable.

Winners lose too.

But in their mind, they haven’t lost, they just haven’t won yet. Or they see failure as winning.

They have a keen desire to keep going past their failure after failure. They feel the same fears and doubts that losers do, but decide to push past them and find a way.

Winners are rebellious that way. They aren’t necessarily setting the status quo on fire, but they are asking good questions, and see failure as experimentation.

We all have both a winner and a loser inside us. A 50-50 split. But not like a coin toss, more like a fork in the road.

The default way.

And the way that requires effort.

Winners choose effort every time.

They don’t make things harder on purpose (usually not anyway) they just recognize that without the work to reach a goal, there isn’t meaning in having a goal.

Winners choose effort again and again, which leads them to win more and more. Any loss is an opportunity for growth and lessons for the future.

In my mind, the ultimate loss is giving up by never even trying.

And the ultimate success is continuously striving for meaning and purpose until you are so old you don’t know which way is Tuesday.

It’s fun to envision your goals from a big-picture perspective. What does my life look like in one year? Three years? Five years?

The possibilities are endless.

But the only people who get to experience the view from the top of the mountain are the ones that kept taking steps that led them there.

Winning happens in the micro. Winning happens because of every decision and action you choose to take. Each small win you experience creates a domino effect into another win and another. The macro goals you once envisioned are just finished puzzles built by many small puzzle pieces that all fit together to create the bigger picture.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1803

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