Bitterness is Like Acid

I­t­ eats away at everything inside you and can leave you not only miserable but too exhausted to do anything about your misery.

The tricky part about bitterness is it’s not a black-and-white emotion. I­t­’s a master of disguise and usually wears the mask of another emotion.

Sometimes we feel sad, maybe from how someone treats us, but it’s not until deep reflection and honesty with ourselves that we uncover its actually bitterness in a Groucho Marx disguise.

With bitterness comes the feeling of wishing an outcome in your life had turned out differently, and ‘if only it could have happened this way’ ‘if only I­t­ could have happened that way’.

The hardest thing about people and the best thing about people is the fact that none of them are you. Everyone is unique, and that’s a great thing. But with uniqueness comes the friction of everyone looking out for themselves first and their tribe second. Maybe you believe someone ignores you or treats you unfairly, but as far as you know, they don’t even know that they did.

The problem with bitterness is that the person feeling bitter is going to be the one who suffers the most damage. Or in other words, if I️ feel bitterness towards someone, I’m the one who suffers, not them.

The good thing about bitterness is I­t­ can point out things in your life you would like to change. (If you can learn to be aware of its existence)

Finding yourself bitter about your friend’s fit figure or work life or wealth points directly towards what you want to improve about yourself.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1801

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