Consistency Builds Trust

Consistency is key to success.

I’ve learned this through daily habits.

There’s a natural ebb and flow when it comes to the quality of our daily habits. But the key is to keep going and strive for high quality.

Maybe today that means only twenty minutes of work. Well, that’s still twenty minutes more than nothing (if you decided to skip today).

Twenty minutes might not seem like a lot (and perhaps it’s not from a granular perspective). But it adds up when looked over a long period. 3 sessions * 20min = 1 hour. 72 sessions * 20 mins = 1 day. You get the idea.

But I’ve also learned the importance of consistency through failure.

I’ve been inconsistent with my podcast and newsletters, mostly because I’m not treating them like a job when I should be. Importantly, the fun is already there. Now I just need to prioritize the work.

Consistency shows others how serious you are.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1783

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