Filet Mignon for Babies

Plants need just the right amount of sunlight, just enough water, and the right kind of soil to grow. Not to mention pruning.

Too much sunlight and they die. No water and they die. But give them what they need and there’s no limit to how much they grow.

I’m not a parent (we have a puppy!!), but I️ bet it’s the same with a baby— .. water, dirt, and sunlight 😉

You don’t feed a baby filet mignon, you give I­t­ what i­t­ needs.

But what about ourselves?

We eat potato chips and fast food and wash I­t­ down with sugar water. We stay up late drinking. We mindlessly consume media, argue about political issues we’re 8 degrees away from, and repeat ad nauseam negative things or things we can’t control.

And we do everything possible except what we want:

Following our dreams, building a legacy, being our weird, undiluted selves, and creating connections with people we care for and love.

Living your life on fire 🔥 requires waking up with just the right amount of input (learning, connections, possibility), the right amount of fuel (whole foods, water, enough sleep, play), and the right amount of meaningful action.

That’s how we grow into our own.

The nice thing is we don’t have to do everything at once. We can start with creating one positive change—like drinking a big glass of water upon waking up—and focus all our energy on that until we master I­t­.

One change leads to another, and another, until eventually, you wake up to the life of your dreams.

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