Creatives Need to Create

There are only so many things we can do and be in a single day.

We all have only so many hours to give.

The question is, what’s the most relevant actions we can do with our time?

What’s going to help us to get to reaching mastery and a better life? What are the most important things we can do today? Who are you going to be today?

What do you need to do today that will make you satisfied when your head hits the pillow and refreshed when you wake up in the next day?

If there is a voice within you telling, imploring, yelling at you to paint, then you need to make painting a part of your daily life. A painter will never be as happy as he or she can be unless they have painting in their daily life. Can you give 2 hours to painting? 30 minutes?

It’s easy to forget this. We go weeks without writing, or picking up our instrument, while simultaneously think “why am I so miserable and grumpy recently?”

Creatives need to create.

Oh right.

I haven’t been doing thing things I was meant to do.

As difficult as a daily habit may seem— and sometimes is —a life without your passion is even more so. Creative expression is our way out of the hell we something lock ourselves in.

I know, I know. ‘I’m just too busy.’ There’s work and relationships, and money and family and cleaning and laundry and a million others things I have to do and think about first…

Wrong. Passion first. Pursing what you love will make you a better employee, partner, sibling and responsible human.

First, there MUST be you, your canvas and some paint.

This isn’t selfishness, this is maintenance. Without it, you’ll go crazy and drive everyone around you crazy too.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1778

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