Just Enough

Sometimes preparation stops us from starting. And keeps us from actually improvement.

The first thing to note about preparation is to ask yourself, “does this preparation get me where I️ want to go effectively and help me avoid common pitfalls or is this just fear or excuses and laziness in disguise?”

Often times, preparation is really just excuses to delay ourselves from doing something that scares the pants off of us.

Thinking you don’t know enough, for example.

I’ve felt, and I’m sure most of us have, that I️ was unable to take on something new because I️ didn’t know enough yet. ‘As soon as I️ take this second online course, I’ll start executing my idea.’ ‘As soon as I️ finish school’ ‘As soon as I️ have the right equipment’ ‘As soon as have more $….’

Excuses excuses. 98% of this is BS. A disempowering belief of “I’m not good enough yet” that’s wrapped in a shiny gold ‘someday’ that never comes.

I­t­ took me a while to understand, but here’s honest truth: We will never know enough. We’ll always think we’re re not good enough. Even if we know more about our craft than anyone else, we’ll still feel inadequate.

That’s why we need go after i­t­.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1776

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