Invest in the Good Ones

How many choices do we make in one day?

Too many to count. Each choice we make—either subconsciously or consciously—is pulling our compass towards a different north.

Make enough positive choices in a day, and your life will begin to compound into a better future. A good choice is not just choosing a good habit, it’s also stepping away from a bad one.

That’s why I’m so keen on daily habits. Small actions lead to big change. The more we give today, the better we will be tomorrow.

This compounding effect is how top performances become so good at what they do. They practice day after day, like adding quarters into a piggybank.

Practicing might not seem like much is happening in the moment—which is why most people drop habits so quickly—but one day, that gradually investment explodes into extraordinary skills.

This isn’t the most radical way to create change, but it is a way that keeps us moving forward and adds up with every small action we take.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1775

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