Playing it safe doesn’t work.

When has putting one foot in, and one foot out worked out in the end?

I get it. I catch myself doing it too. I’ve been burned out, injured, broke, overwhelmed, exhausted, and in several other bad places in my life. I don’t want to end up in those places again but playing it safe only leads to a mediocre life.

The idea that I might die without putting my writing, music, art, and creativity out into the world terrifies me much more than taking risks.

Don’t die with your ideas still only in your head.

This is my worst-case scenario. (That and losing my hands in a freak accident… which is an odd fear I have)

The question I have is how do you tell the difference between playing it safe and making smart choices?

Usually playing I­t­ safe situations aren’t black and white. They live in the grey zones where we might not even know we are playing I­t­ safe and holding ourselves back.

Risk mitigation, and knowing when to say yes or no is smart. But it’s easy to trick ourselves into not taking action when in actuality we are scared out of our pants.

Fear is the difference.

Gut check your intuition: does pursuing this goal or creative endeavor align with who you are? Are you terrified of embarrassment, or failure? Then say YES.

Playing I­t­ safe is:

Giving into fear of failure, embarrassment, or disbelief, even just a little bit.

Staying at a job you hate because of the benefits.

Never starting your idea because you ‘don’t know enough’.

Doing what others tell you to do without thinking about whether it’s right for you.

Is not asking that person out on a date.

Not asking for help or advice because you don’t want to look weak.

There are so many things that can keep our potential down, but the biggest one of all is ourselves. The moment you break free of your chains that you locked yourself up in is the moment where life becomes too precious to give into fear.

Life is too important to give into fear.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1723

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