Connected Through Pain and Experience

Sometimes just letting it all out on the table and talking through things with a friend or loved one is life’s best medicine.

We often feel alone in our experiences (of pain, failure, remorse, etc.) but loneliness evaporates as soon as we speak out about our experiences.

The act of speaking to someone who cares and is listening lightens the load on each person. To love and be loved.

Our experiences are touching stones of connecting and inspiring others.

Perhaps the worst things that happen to you and how you got through them can be shining beacons of hope for those going through similar things.

Perhaps we can pull ourselves off the cliffs of our darkest moments by recognizing that how we handle problems can have a positive influence on others, and having a positive impact is the reason why we have to keep persevering through the dips.

You can be an example of negative change or positive change to everyone in your life. Which will you choose?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1720

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