How to Tell Distractions from Opportunities

It’s not that loose threads and rabbit holes are inherently bad or good—like many things it depends on context.

On the road to success, there will be many opportunities we could say yes or no to.

The problem is most opportunities look pretty great! And they usually come in fast and without a complete picture of information.

How do you know what’s a good opportunity versus a bad opportunity?

By comparing it to yourself and what kind of life you want to have.

The question is whether it is leading you towards or against what you’re looking for.

Is this opportunity/obligation distracting me from what I actually want to do?

Is this yes (a true yes) or more like an easy distraction?

Of course, in order to answer questions like these you have to know who you are. And, equally important, you have to learn to act on them (while a dozen other opportunities hit you at the same time).

If someone is dangling money or fame In front of you, but it doesn’t align with who you want to be, will you take it or turn it down?

Tough call. Knowing what you want, no—discovering what you want through experience and practice will make tough decisions much easier.

For me, it’s seeing money as an outcome of following true values and passions. If I decide to do something just for the sake of money, I’m likely doing it for the wrong reasons.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1687

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