Measuring Success

Comparison is a double-edged sword. It shows you what’s possible. But it also potentially shows you what you are missing.

We feel anxious and less than when we compare ourselves to others and use that new understanding as a measurement of success.

Comparison can be positive-ish by instead using fuel to get better. No one wants to be second-rate. The second violist may enjoy where she is, but she’s still eying for the first seat.

When someone is better at photography than us, we can use that feeling of inadequacy to get better.

I’m not quite sure this is healthy, mind you. But it is useful. At some point, I’ve heard (can’t remember where) the expression that “not all fuels burn clean”. Meaning, anger can get you far, but it will also burn your insides up in the process.

Feeling creatively second, or third, or even eighth or two hundred and twenty-four is natural and part of the creative process.

It’s better to avoid comparing yourself to others and rather compare where you are and where you’ve been. Use your progress as a leading indicator of greater and greater success on the road to mastery.

The moment you’ve measured your success against someone else, you’ve lost.

If they’re doing better than you, all you can think about is how good they are doing and how poorly you hold up to them. If they are doing worse off than you, then it’s easy to fall prey to your abilities and be overconfident or complacent.

The greatest measurement of success is comparing who you were to who you are, and to who you are to who you want to be.

Hating who you were isn’t going to change who you are.

And who you are doesn’t define you, it’s who you want to be, and whether or not you act on that desire.

Other people will do great things. A countless number of people have already done great things before we were even born. Try to let that inspire you, not sadden you.

Being great requires time and work. So go put in the time and give it all you got.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1516

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