To do or not to do

Have you ever experienced that feeling of dread really ght before a party or event you said yes to?

Maybe it’s a gig, a meeting, a class, a conference, a wedding, etc.

It seemed like a fun thing at the time—something way off in the future—but when the day arrives all you feel is… UGH. Why did I agree to this?

From my personal UGH experiences, I would separate them into two categories:

1. You’ve signed up for something that doesn’t align with who you are and what you’re goals are*.

These are the types of things we need to learn to say no to.

It’s vital is to get to know yourself and create principles for how you want to live. Otherwise decisions we make may not align with our purpose and passions in life.

We’ve only had so much time and energy to give in this life, why waste it on an event that isn’t compatible with you at all?

Besides what are we contributing towards something we don’t want to be at?

Mostly just bummers and a sour mood, being unpleasant for the people who want to be there.

*The caveat is, of course, unless you are being there to support a friend or family member. Showing up to support a loved one you care about is one of the greatest things you can do to appreciate them.

2. You’ve signed up for something you want to do, but fear is creeping in and trying to hold you back.

This is something we actually want. This is a chance to grow and be courageous.

We know we’ll enjoy it when we are there, but a wall of excuses and laziness hit us right before.

This is fear, but it doesn’t really feel like fear at the moment does it? It just feels like we’re talking ourselves out of it, and since we’re talking ourselves out of it maybe we shouldn’t go.

I’m tired, maybe I’ll pass… I suddenly don’t feel great… ah man, I’m late, I guess I won’t go… on and on our minds go.

And yet—we just need to go.

Push past the hesitation. Resign to going, despite what your mind and body are telling you. Imagine how you feel afterward after you’ve already been. Picture the smile on your face.

Don’t let fear stop you from living.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1513

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