Options Overload

Having many options is no longer only for the rich.

(You could argue that the wealthy pay a premium for a curated and minimal amount of options.)

Across the spectrum of wealth, we have an infinite amount of things we can spend our time and energy on. That goes for every industry too—whether it’s education, entertainment, or creation. YouTube, Netflix, Podcasts, Games, Books. For as little as 15 dollars a month, you can subscribe to something interesting. Maybe you love reading so you subscribe to Audible or Kindle Unlimited. Or maybe you want to learn how to design or illustrate, so you’re a subscriber to Skillshare. There are even local options, like yoga, HIIT, bike riding, and dance.

I wouldn’t call myself wealthy (perhaps that’s laughable since I live in America), but I do have a good job, so I can afford to pay for things I’m interested in.

There are plenty of things I can’t afford, and yet—

I find myself completely overwhelmed by the options in front of me.

I think the quality of our decision-making is inversely proportional to the number of options we have. When we have few options, we can quickly and principally make good decisions. But when we have an infinite amount of options, we are more likely to throw up our hands and make no-decision.

When our options are infinite we have a great chance of avoiding or deferring decisions.

Whenever I feel like this I know I’ve taken on too many things I know I need to wipe the slate clean and reset my priorities. That also goes for mental things too—things I want to do.

Priority isn’t a priority if everything is a priority.

Prioritizing requires us to choose certain options over others. And that choice means putting away the unchosen many for the chosen few.

We can optimize and maybe choose a few more. But at the end of the day, there are only so many things we can do each day. There are only so many ways we can slice 24 hours (and slice 80+ years of life).

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1507

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