Better with Attempt then Nothing at All.

We don’t always win, but we grow stronger from trying. Slap that on a bumper sticker and call it a day.

The difficult part is not letting failure get to you and consume your thought., And failure is great at doing just that.

Here’s a great example: looking for a job.

Have you ever had the soul-crushing experience of trying to find a job and yet only getting rejection emails or worse—silence?

The problem is we are comparing something personal to us— our lives / careers — with something that’s more objective to companies—find a great culture fit, ideally someone with skill and manners. What’s directly personal to you is lost and abstracted behind dozens or even hundreds of resume’s to read from mostly complete strangers in the hiring managers inbox. (No wonder word of mouth usually is the method of choice for hiring.) They are just doing their job. And maybe you don’t hit the mark (right now).

It’s hard not to feel down and low self-worth when day after day you are met with rejection. And yet failure is part of the process.

Rejection is part of creativity. Put yourself and your work out there and eventually it will meet criticism, bad reviews, or (again) worse — silence.

Some critiques are worth listening to. If it pushes us to do better and try harder, then it’s worth the immediate sting. And un-constructive critiques should be thrown out and set on fire.

Inaction from fear doesn’t change anything. Inaction just keeps us exactly where we are — usually, somewhere we don’t want to be.

Trying something new every day does.

‘Okay, that photo didn’t work out so well, what can I try next?’.

As long as we keep getting up, we never actually fail. Even going through the worst failure doesn’t stop the world from spinning. Another day always comes. Another chance to try again.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1466 (draft 2)

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