No Complaints

Complaining doesn’t work.

Unless your goal is to make you and everyone around you miserable.

Yet, we have all complained in some form or fashion at some point in our lives. Why? Because there’s something in our lives we dislike (it could be based in the present, past, or future) and we are looking for either sympathy or help.

But If you are looking for sympathy, you won’t get it by complaining to everyone around you. In fact, complain too much and everyone will try to avoid you or at the very least only give you eye roles every time you talk about your ailments.

If you are looking for help, complaining isn’t the best strategy either. It’s not that others don’t care, they likely care a great deal, but to them, you are a song stuck on repeat. As much as others would like to help you, they know they can’t unless you are willing to do something about what you are complaining about.

If you are looking for change in your life, complaining will further entrench you into feeling stuck and incapable.

Thoughts affect our beliefs and our willingness to act.

If we are constantly complaining or looping negative thoughts in our heads that will also reflect in our actions (and/or lack of action).

You can change—you can transform yourself and your life completely—but your inter and external complaints are like glue keeping you from progressing. Thoughts affect actions; Actions affect thoughts. By giving into complaining, you’re cutting off your ability to clean your thoughts and/or desire to get up and make a change.

Don’t get me wrong—It’s okay to feel bad. It’s okay to feel down and out, helpless, discouraged, less than, apathetic, scared, lonely, and all the other negative emotions. We all do, at some point or another. I know I do—a few times a week! What’s not okay is always letting those things constantly control and run our lives.

Start small. Get some rest. Cover your bases (mind, body, and spirit). Do what you can. Remind yourself that this won’t last forever. Just keep moving.

Write out your complaints on a small piece of paper, burr it or put it in a locked complaint box, and then proceed to never look at it again.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1423 (draft 2)

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