Priority Requires participation

In order to prioritize things that matter most to you, you have to want it more than the alternatives.

Desiring change is the first step towards prioritizing the right things.

But it goes beyond simply wanting or wishing for an outcome.

Wanting to get fit doesn’t mean that you will. Wanting to start a company doesn’t ensure its inevitability.

We need to want it more than anything. Our desire and dream need to our match our alternatives. So that when alternative options arise—and they also do—it won’t sway us, because our goal and desire are stronger.

Choose it.

Choosing comes after wanting. It’s a commitment to something (and therefore must be a non-commitment to alternatives) that goes beyond thinking and crosses over to action.

Do it First

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” – Theophrastus.

There’s only so much time in the day. I know that more than most. As someone who is passionate about multiple disciplines and subscribes to a ‘Renaissance Life’, there’s only so much time to throw around.

The best way to prioritize the right things is by doing it first. By doing it first, I mean philosophically and literally.

If you’re hoping to find the time to give to your dreams, it will never appear. That’s like hoping a cream cheese bagel will magically appear in your hands. It won’t. If it did you are one in a trillion. The only way for us to prioritize what matters is to go out and get the bagel.

Put it on your calendar. Carve out an thirty minutes. Create as much time as you possibly can. Give yourself permission to prioritize first.

Keep it Simple and Straightforward

One of the most challenging things about pursuing, well, anything, is the unnecessary desire to make it more complicated for ourselves. Our goals should be clear, not muddy. If it’s hard to explain to someone else, then it’s likely too convoluted. Practically complex is fine, but if your goal is so large you can’t grasp onto it, or see the edges, then it’s time to simplify. Break it into tangible pieces. Start small. Remove the inessentials.

Make it Instinct

Practice so much it becomes the default. Plan and work it so much that there’s no other option but to prioritize it first.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1397

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