Finding Joy

It’s a lot easier to do something when you actually enjoy doing it. Work becomes play. Day-to-day life things become happy little moments. And struggles become more tolerable (aka our enjoyment makes us more resilient to the bad things).

Not everything chore-like has to be dreadful.

We just have to find the fun. Whether that’s making a game out of it, giving ourselves a reward from following through with it, or simply reminding ourselves of the benefits we gain (or the lack of downsides from not doing it).

  • A cleaned room keeps our minds and moods bright and clear.
  • Doing the laundry can be a breeze when mixes with your favorite music.
  • Even taxes can be more about the money we get to keep (versus the money taken from us).

There’s joy if you look for it. And if you can’t find it start making it.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1390

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