Missing the Mark

Perfection often takes shotgun whenever we step into the world of creativity. Perfection stops most of us poor saps before we’ve even started.

‘If I can’t do something perfectly, then why even bother?’ or ‘I’d love to do X but I don’t want to embarrass myself.’…

Or it’s Perfection combined with Comparison—

”I’m never going to be good at this as so-and-so, I might as well quit now”

Reading these, you might think this is obviously untrue. But when you are in your head, thoughts like these are much more subtle and we might not even know we are running away or psyching ourselves out.

Perfection is a lie. Being immediately awesome at something is luck. Learning and become great at something starts with uncertainty and not knowing.

Embarrassing yourself isn’t embarrassing. In fact, embarrassing yourself in the act of learning or doing something new and bold is a right of passage.

Most people suck when they are starting out with something new. (And the ones that say they were great right away are either lying or misremembering their past and adjacent skills that helped along the way.)

Missing the mark isn’t fatal—it just means you have more work to do.

Sometimes that means refining what you already have. Other times you have to start from scratch with what you’ve learned. Either way, continuing is what matters. Failure is only failure when we stop caring, or when we just stop. Knowing you are missing the mark is just the natural part of progress and aiming for mastery.

Nothing is perfect right out the gate.

Imperfections are features.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1388

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