Losing Your Cool

Not losing your cool is one of the hardest parts when your day goes awry or when an obstacle blocks your path.

When your schedule and expectations are obliterated by a random fluke (like a flat tire, or staining your brand new jacket with turmeric, or not getting the job you wanted, etc.) do you through up your hands, crawl back in bed and write the day off or do you take some deep breaths and find your way through?

Keeping your cool can be external, meaning outwardly you are as suave as a cucumber, but inside your an anxious panting Furby). But that’s not really the “cool” I’m referring to. I’m talking about keeping your internal cool and not being phased by external events for very long.

Keeping your cool doesn’t mean being a placid cow in the middle of a field on a storming Wednesday. Rather, keeping your cool is about accepting and adapting to what is thrown at you. And trying to see the bigger picture when you rip your pants bending over to tie your shoe, or seeking out the opportunities in the bad, like squeezing out insights and takeaway lessons when you get passed on for a work or school opportunity.

So how do we stay calm when our world is going to hell in a fruit basket?

Take five. Step away from the situation or current environment if you can. Get a little distance from you and the stressor so that you can have time to clear your mind and breathe. Take a walk. Move your body. Find some solitude. Go work out. Read a book. Do something (healthy) you enjoy. Get your mind off the immediate problem and focusing on potential next steps and/or solutions by occupying your body. Remind yourself what really matters. And—if the timing is right—try to see the humor in the situation.

And of course, some days we just need to sleep it off, or take a lap and try again the next day. There’s no shame in that. Just try not to be a grumpy-pants to everyone else’s day.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1299

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