Opportunistic (Draft 2)

One habit I find really hard to stick to is mobility work. (Working on your muscle fascia to restore range of motion and release daily tension.) You would think rubbing your feet and the rest of your body with a foam roller and some squishy mobility balls would be enjoyable and easy, but for the life of me, I have trouble sticking it consistently.

I think one reason why (among not having established a good habit yet) is my equipment is hard to get to in my physical space. “Hard” is a relative word. Put differently, if my toys are not within easy reach, I can easily forget to use them.

In sight, in mind.

Sometimes we have trouble starting or sticking to a habit because we have to go out of our way (aka our normal day-to-day routine) to take action and do it. It’s like we have to do twice the work. First, we have to find our running shoes and figure out where we put our gym shorts and recharge our dead phones and re-sign into Spotify and fill up our car with gas and yatta-yatta to finally get to the gym or to the park to run. Or, we put away our tools and necessities of the habit we are trying to cultivate and then proceed to completely forget about its existence. We buy new kitchen gear that gets lost and used in the back of our cabinets. We skip a day of journaling because we can’t find a pen.

These things are tiny and make us sound lazy, but that’s not really the issue. The problem is we set ourselves up to fail before we even start.

The easier it is to access a good habit, the more likely we will do it. At least that’s what I’ve discovered in my own life. I am 100% more likely to work out if I’ve got my weights, bands, and shoes out in the open and ready to go. The same goes for practicing guitar. When my guitar is on a stand, I’m much more likely to reach out and grab it and take a “quick” guitar break, versus if it was stuck in a guitar case somewhere under a bed somewhere. And if there’s no ice cream in the house, well, I can’t eat any, right? (Or at least I’m less likely to door dash it).

It’s not that we are lazy, rather most of us are lacking in time and motivation to start. No wonder you have trouble sticking to a good habit when you have to go through a ten-step process before you can start! (I’m breaking a sweat just thinking about it).

Surround yourself with good habits over bad.

Make it as simple as possible to work on your goals.

Organize your equipment or habit ahead of time to make it easier with the moment strikes.

That goes for me too. I need to have mobility gear like foam rollers and lacrosse balls and align bands lying around in plain sight.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing — Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1297

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