Yes yes no

Have you ever said yes to a project or job you knew you shouldn’t do?

Maybe the opportunity was too good to turn down, or the pitch was so enticing to say no

… but your body said no. Your gut gave a tung, telling you something was off about it. Or your chest felt suddenly anxious.

I’ve been working on listening to these signals more. If your body can tell you when it’s hungry or tired, why wouldn’t it be able to tell you when a decision is a good one or not.

Not that our instincts are infallible. The key thing to look out for is how your body and spirit compare to your mind.

• Your mind says yes, but your heart or gut says no—probably a no. Think it over. Consult your mentors and inner friends.

• Your mind says no, but your heart says yes—might be a calling or something you need to do.

• Your mind says yes and your body says yes—go for it!

• Nobody’s talking—could be a yes could be a no. Give it some time and ask for advice.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1272

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