I find it good to have a friend or two who always tells it like it is. Frankness isn’t necessarily a quality you want to be around 24 / 7, but in the long run, it’s more painful without it than with it.

Candor keeps our ego in check and helps us avoid mistakes and errors of judgment we aren’t noticing.

We don’t grow when everyone tells us yes, or gives us only praise and compliments, or fibs to not hurt our feelings. (We don’t grow when all we get is criticism either. We need a healthy balance of critique and celebration.

Critiquing and honesty are nuanced skills. The best critiques show us a path forward (sometimes an alternative path than we are currently on) to be better, rather than just putting us down. Honesty isn’t about regurgitation all your thoughts aloud, rather it’s about using truth to help us be better friends and better human beings.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1267

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