Healthy Avoidance

I try not to learn/start things with the potential for bad habits.

Sometimes that’s less about the act and more about the frequency.

For example, I’d love to dive into mixology, but if I did I would 100% more likely to drink more. Unless I was trying to make a career from it, I would personally see a negative net benefit despite its appeal, because health comes first for me. Even though it would be a cool thing to know (and a great party trick), and fun to learn.

To each their own, of course.

My goal is to avoid habits that lead to bad outcomes.

Of course, there are always interesting alternatives to think about. What if you want to prioritize health but still what to learn mixology? You could learn how to make mocktails with kombucha and healthier syrups (made with coconut sugar and fruit, for example).

Ask Yourself:

Does X habit lead me to where I want to go?

What’s an alternative I can do that aligns better with my goals?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1266

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