Why so Serious?

I find it really easy to get lost in the daily motion of life and lose track of what’s most important. It’s easy to be too serious about the wrong things and not serious enough about the right things. Especially when all you do is go-go-go and never slow down enough to pause and access the direction and your decisions.

Too serious about the wrong things and not serious enough about the right things.

College is a good example (in many ways). Grades are important, but learning practical and valuable knowledge is more important. Choosing a major is important, but exploring wide to find new passions is rewarding.

Where (if) you go to college is a big decision. Most of the time, the emphasis coming from parents and teachers are on the wrong things (in my opinion).
Figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, SAT scores, and scholarships. All important,
also a lot of pressure for a tweenager to figure out.

College should be taken seriously and should begin with culture fit. Our environment is one of the biggest influencers on who we are. Does this place have what I need? Will this place make me a better person? Will I make a lot of connections and opportunities in the fields I’m interested in? Does the location provide opportunity? Or maybe you don’t want to go the traditional college route. What are some alternative environments you can learn and find opportunities in?

College is just one example. Sometimes we are too serious about our looks and not serious enough about our health. Or we’re too serious about work, but not serious enough about cultivating great friends.

The thing about being too serious (or not serious enough) is—

Sometimes we just don’t know, until we figure it out the hard way.

Sometimes we get lucky and someone shows us the way. Other times we have to stop and figure things out ourselves.

Ask yourself: are you serious about the right things or the wrong things right now?

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1265

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