Justice League: take 2

I checked out Zack Snyder’s 4-hour rendition of Justice League on HBO Max. I watched it in at least 7 sittings.

I love Whedon’s other work and his master of character and dialogue, but the 2017 version of Justice League I didn’t care much for. It had its moments, but the villain felt flat and everything felt a little rushed (I think its run time was around 2 hours).

I’m glad that Zack Snyder was given the chance to put his stamp on the movie he was envisioning. Everything about Flash was great, and Cyborg story arc was more impactful this time around too (Although I wish he hasn’t so serious all the time. I miss the joke-cracking silly cyborg from the old Teen Titans cartoon.) I’m still not a fan of the darker tone that this version of Superman has (although Henry Cavill is great.)

Overall it’s a fun ride and worth a watch if you’ve got 4 hours to spare 😆.

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— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1239

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