Decision Fatigue

I’ve been feeling more tired than normal lately and it’s driving me mental. ‘Tired’ is such a difficult symptom to self-diagnose because it could be coming from a hundred different reasons.

Is it my sleep quality? Is it something I’m eating that’s causing the issue? Is it a certain type of nutrition I’m lacking? Am I working too much? Am I exercising too much? Am I not exercising enough? Physical? Emotional? Spiritual? All the above?

You could categorize all of these into two main central ideas:

  • Something needed to be added or increased
  • Something needed to be removed or decreased

And then determine if i’s one thing causing the underlying issue or multiple things.

For example, increasing strength training, increasing the number of hours asleep, and decreasing entertainment options.

My guess is decision fatigue is playing a big role. Think of Decision fatigue as having too many options which leads to an overstressed and overstimulated state that can lead to physical symptoms of fatigue and overwhelm.

Having too many options available can stress us out. (Even when those options are great and something we want.) The classic example nowadays is you having so many TV and movie options to choose from, you spend thirty minutes trying to pick a show and end up not watching anything at all (or rewatching Community or New Girl.)

I wonder if it’s not just the decisions we have available to make that’s the issue, but also the decision we could make and decisions we wish we had and want but currently don’t have.

The strategy I’m working on personally:

  • Remove options from your physical (and digital) environments.
  • Don’t dwell on the options I wish I had and instead focus on the ones I currently have.
  • Add more in-between space in my day—“nothing” time between activities.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1211

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