I need a studio. A place designed for maximum creativity.

Either that or I need to sell everything I own except a pillow, laptop, and underwear.

Like many, I’ve been working from home for the past year. It’s been good—there’s a lot of upsides with working remotely. There’s less time commuting. More schedule flexibility. Proximity to a full kitchen…

But my apartment doesn’t have room for an office. So I’ve crammed it all into a corner of my bedroom. Books. Music Gear. Notebooks—lots of notebooks. Art supplies.

Someone told me recently (I think it was Gabriella) that if you keep feeling the urge to re-organize a room, then the furniture and space you need. That’s definitely me right now. I think I’ve rearranged things at least twice this week so far.

Clutter is not conducive to creativity, especially when that clutter is weighing on your mind.

What is clutter? Sometimes it’s junk. Things we should have sold, donated, or thrown away years ago. But often clutter is the stuff that we like, but stuff that keeps getting in our way (physically and or mentally.) When there’s too much around us—too many choices—everything starts turning into a to-do list we haven’t gotten to yet, another shirt hanging in our overstuffed mind closet.

Are you holding on to things from your past that you no longer need and that no longer serve you?

Are you surrounding yourself with too many distractions (that are taking you away from what you are trying to focus on)?

Have your most valued things become so cluttered that you no longer see them as anything more than a hindrance?

Either get rid of it or give it the space it needs.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1206

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