Principles are Steadfast

We are born in a transitional era. A transitional era that never stops transitioning. I wonder if people from past eras thought that about their time in the world too. Rockets to the moon. Computers. Electric guitars. Steam power. Gunpowder. The printing press.

That reminds me of the film, A Midnight in Paris, with Owen Wilson, where great artists and writers from the past pined for the better days of their past.

But just because these’s times they are a changin, doesn’t mean everything changes.

Some principles stay true:

• Be good to others.

• Always keep learning.

• Keep going after failure.

• Don’t neglect the basics—water, food, exercise, sleep, companionship.

• Be empathetic—put yourself in other people’s shoes.

• Let creativity, curiosity, wonder and joy drive you (not anger, negativity, bitterness, and hate.

• Act louder than you speak.

• Care.

These can guide you to a more meaningful life, no matter what age you are in (the past, present, or future.)

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,

— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1204

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