Forever Young

I’ve been recently trying to learn Japanese. I love the language and Japanese culture, but it’s quite difficult to learn so far. Words and foreign symbols slip quickly from my mind.

It’s fun to learn something entirely new. Something you don’t have a clue about, let alone how to go about doing it.

It’s also frustrating, but it’s a good frustration. The kind of frustration that lights your brain and challenges you to think differently.

It’s so easy to get stuck performing the small skills, at the same level of knowledge, without desiring to learn new things.

Part of seeking mastery is the discipline of sticking to something long to see it grow.

Being young is separate from aging. It’s possible to be old and yet full of life.

But most are aged and old.

I think many people grow old mentally as they age because of their unwillingness to learn new things. They get stuck in their ways, and because they are stuck they lose their sense of wonder and curiosity that makes us youthful.

That’s why it’s vital for us to always be seeking out new skills in addition to improving in our tried and true skills.

No one wants to be the old curmudgeon yelling at the neighborhood kids to quit playing in his yard and complaining about everything plus the rain.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1196

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