Analysis Paralysis

It’s so easy to build something up in your mind.

You loop a possible negative scenario in your head so much that you start to believe it (before it happens.) You create an entire business empire around an idea before you even put pen to paper.

This ability to think long-term and dream up the future is one of the reasons why humans are so imaginative and innovative.

Aimed the wrong way, we can get stuck in our head, too overwhelmed to start.

But if we want to make something of ourselves, then we can’t get stuck on the starting line.

Remind yourself—

  • Everything big starts small. From a tiny sapling to an idea.
  • Over-preparing is only beneficial if you put your knowledge into practice.
  • A nothing-burger can’t be eaten—an idea can’t be useful unless it’s built. Most ideas start off as “good enough” or even “mediocre” ideas until they are honed and iterated on over time. Or put another way, it’s better to shoot your shot than to get caught holding the ball when the buzzer goes off.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1194

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