Creativity is a Team Sport

I love writing. I love putting pen to paper and coming up with new ideas or new takes on old ones.

I love picking up a guitar or sitting down at the piano and losing myself to the music.

I love making things on my MacBook or building things with my hands. 

And as much as a lot of creative skills are an individual act, every single one of them is also a team sport. 

Doing what you love is great. But making something that you can share and others (and they can maybe find value in) is what makes creativity special. 

And it’s not just about building an audience but surrounding yourself with other passionate creators.

Put me on a desert island with all the art tools and supplies you could ask for, and I would still enjoy making stuff. 

But would it be as enjoyable and rewarding without someone to share it with? Would I be as disciplined as I am without the accountability and encouragement of others? I don’t think so.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1177

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