Stop Waiting

There’s this in-between state of creativity when you are just starting out or starting over, where you know where you want to be, but you haven’t quite made it yet.

Having “made it” isn’t the right phrase. There is no making it—well, there is, but there’s always another level, a new place you could be. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

I think of this in-between state like a doctor’s waiting room. We’ve got a stomachache, so here we sit, waiting for the doctor to see us. We know what we need, but we don’t have it yet.

With creativity, we’ve got this desire to do something, to be someone, to go after our dreams, but we don’t know exactly how to make that happen yet. So we sit in the waiting room, but unlike our visit to the doctor’s office, we forget we have to check-in. So we wait on our dreams to come, but our dreams (and the world) don’t know, because we forgot to sign our name and say that we are here.

What do I mean, exactly?

We often wait for our dreams to happen to us, but truly we need to go out and create them ourselves. We do this through practice, through connecting with others, through helping and teaching others.

We stand up and give our names. We declare ourselves a writer, a musician, a dancer, an entrepreneur—or whatever it is you wish to be—and then get up every day and make it happen, inch by inch.

Not by faking it. But by doing and learning and doing and learning, rinse repeat. Slowly. Deliberately. Patiently.

But also desperately. We let our actions and our priority highlight how dedicated we are.

Stop waiting.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1150

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