Nothing is Easy.

The last five minutes in the sauna are always the hardest.

It doesn’t matter how long I’m in there—when the five-minute countdown hits, my mind is making every excuse in the world to get out a little bit early.

I go to the sauna for the most part as a relief from my chronic neck/nerve pain. (I find it also an enjoyable time to sweat over a book and reflect on things) Every minute counts, but even intuitively knowing that I still hunt for the exit.

The first moments of learning something new or taking on a new venture are always the easiest. (Well, unless you suck at it, then not so much.) sooner or later though, the difficulty will start to pick up. The new car smell eventually fades and you’re left with a lot of miles to go.

This is a turning point—to give up and try something else instead, or to continue and learn to push past the difficultly and even learn to love it.

Nothing is easy.

If it ~was~ it probably wouldn’t be worth doing.

If it ~is~ then you’ve either A) haven’t hit the hard stuff yet, B) you’re wasting your time doing something that’s not challenging enough for you, or C) you’ve already worked through the hard stuff and your honed skills are now second nature.

We’re not talking about complexity here—things can be simple, but not easy. Simple is often more difficult to get right than complex. For example, it’s easier to write a mediocre 15-page essay than it is to distill down the essence of an idea into a 1-page essay.

We’re not talking about making things more difficult either. Our passions/dreams/ideals will be hard enough on their own without us piling on our neurosis and fears. Self-sabotage can be a cop-out to facing difficultly. Why do the hard work when you can set everything on fire and start over?

Easy is choosing:

  • Inaction over action.
  • Comfort over discomfort.
  • Short-term over long-term.
  • other’s desires and expectations over your own.

But choosing easy doesn’t give you a good life—it keeps you from one.

Seek challenge. Take care of the hard things immediately. Focus on the long-term benefits over short-term pleasures. And don’t be afraid to be yourself.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1143

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