Practice is Free (Effort Sold Separately)

Music is one of those hobbies where there’s always something more you can buy.

If I were to count them up, there are at least 50 items of music equipment (synth’s, instruments, DAW plug-ins, and sounds—so many plug-ins—recording gear, etc.) in my wishlist right now.

Most of them I’d label as ‘wants’ and a few are legitimate ‘needs’ that would help me learn to become a professional musician and music producer.

But I shouldn’t let what I don’t have stop me from utilizing what I do have. If I were to wait to have all the right equipment before I worked on my music skills, I would never have any songs or skills for that matter.

Right this very moment, practice is freely in our grasp.

What we’ve got to work with might be subpar and less than what we imagine fit to be, but it doesn’t change the fact we can skill be honing our skills right now, every day.

The ability to practice is within your means right now.

All it costs is our time and our effort.

Put a quarter in a gumball machine, get a piece of gum.

Put in the time, dedication, and relentless hard work into your passions and you’ll get a truckload of gumballs. Or something like that.

It’s not a negative thing that you don’t have all the equipment you think you need—that’s all in your head.

Even things like learning computer science. Imagine trying to learn to code with a computer to do it. How could you do it? Learn from a book or YouTube and write code on a piece of paper, of course! Not ideal, but possible.

You have what you need.

Step up to the plate.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1140

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