Creative Barriers: Starting (Part 3)

If creativity was like a flight from NYC to Japan, then the barriers we may face before we start our journey are like a preflight check, and the barriers we encounter while we are starting are like roadblocks in our path as roll down the tarmac and pick up speed.

After you’ve made it past the preflight check, now you must navigate the potential obstacles while starting.

The two biggest are:

  1. Sucking.
  2. Expecting it to be easy.

1. Newbie

I tend to pick up things pretty easily (brag). I chalk it up to patience and steady attention.

But not always, not everything. It took me a while before I grokked programming, for example. There were just certain aspects I just couldn’t comprehend until I stuck with it for a while.

We all naturally gravitate towards things we are good at. Nobody likes to bad at something.

When we try something new, we’re more likely than not going to suck at it at first. This is a natural part of learning. Sucking at something doesn’t mean you aren’t passionate about it. It takes time to get good, and even more, time to get really good at something.

So if you suck in the beginning, know that you’re in good company. A naturally talented person may be great at tennis, but be terrible at public speaking. Remember that the next time you get Aced on the court

2. Hard work

Sucking and hard work are why the majority of people who resolve to lose weight in January, end up quitting before the month ends.

It’s not a lack of desire. It’s a false expectations that it will be easy.

Creativity isn’t easy. It’s fun, but it’s still work. Someone has to sit down at the desk and draw. Someone has to pick up the guitar and practice. If not you then who?

It takes a lot of work to be a high-output creative. It takes dedication to pursue something new.

But if we go in with the right mindset and expectations, we can be ready for the work we have to do.

The best solution I know for Starting barriers is—

Commit. If this is something you really want to do, then vow to yourself to stick to it no matter what.

Even if you get sick, or you’re too busy, or if it’s Sunday, or if you don’t feel like it.

Sticking to it is how you’ll succeed.

STAY BOLD, Keep Pursuing,
— Josh Waggoner | Daily Blog #1125

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